As an economic structure, capitalism is fundamentally unsustainable. It doesn’t matter where you draw the line either: Whether it is that we live on a finite planet with finite resources, or the endless hoarding of wealth eventually resulting in a bottom up collapse, or any other apparent problem perturbing the system of never-ending growth. It doesn’t matter. Capitalism will, eventually, fail. The question then becomes, what do we do after capitalism’s demise?

Charles Eisenstein has written extensively about one potential alternative: The Gift Economy. In short, the gift economy is an economic structure in which status is garnered from one’s…

-How did you become interested in science policy as a science student?

Before going to grad school I worked for the United States Dept. of Agriculture. This experience demonstrated to me that the work I do as a scientist often is directly linked to the funding opportunities and rules set in place by the federal government. Just as an example, fuel standards are set by state and federal governments. This requires automobile makers and fuel manufacturers to comply with these standards, often resulting in the need for scientific innovation to achieve the new efficiency goals. …

This week, two speakers, Dr. Tom Richard and Dr. Justin Schwartz, gave an encouraging presentation at Penn State University. They a spoke plainly about practical approaches to slowing climate change and reducing atmospheric CO2 based upon a research framework that encompasses more than 80 solutions towards this aim. Their approach?


Think about any climate change solution for a second. Solar panels come to mind? What about wind turbines or a Tesla? These are often the images that most people think of when they think about actions that can be done to stop and reverse climate change. …

Here we are in 2019 and at 1.5C warmer than before the industrial revolution. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey have introduced their plan.. or Outline? Road-Map? for the future of the American economy and its role in reducing carbon emissions to prevent climate disaster. Big ideas for an even bigger challenge.

Yet, the bill provides little detail as to how we are going to accomplish these lofty, ambitious, completely achievable goals. AOC and Markey have laid out where they hope to lead the country through policy. Now, it’s up to us as citizens, parents, Uber drivers, baristas, and…

Jeremy Sutherland

scientist | communicator | sometimes these overlap

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